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Hi, it's me, Raito-chan! Yay! I have a LiveJournal thing! Who wants to come to one of my tea parties? I can actually invite people now... So, who wants to come? I'll wear my pretty dress! And Mr. Snuggles will be glad to see you! So please come? I'm lonely.


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Yeah so I got one of these journal things. Though I need to run to beat up Mello for taking my video games! Yeah I said it! You know you did and don't lie! *growl* I need to set up some traps around here. If anyone needs me don't look. I'll be at the secret castle.

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Hello, I thought I'd try how this "live journal" works so here I am.

My name is Taro and really, there is not that much to learn about me. You may have heard a odd rumor here or there, but it's just rumors *smiles* One should know better then to listen to them, right?

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