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OMG!Death Note
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has been omg_symphonia, omg_naruto, omgz_sukisho, and even a omg_rl_rp.
And now, there is omg_dn.

The Powers That Be have made a double of everyone, only the doubles are acting real odd.....

The setup for this omg is pretty simple;

1. The RP is AU.
Forget the timeline, this is just random!time.

2. For each character there will be a IC and a OOC.
For some unknown reason doubles of everyone has shown up and it's causing quiet a bit of chaos.
We have the ones that are acting normally {The ICs} but then we have the doubles who are the exact opposite of the original characters personality wise {The OOCs}

3. All chara from Death Note are welcome.
Any living or dead character from Death Note is up for grabs.
A list of taken chara is at this location

4. Only two characters per person.
You can do this any way you want {Want to be IC!Raito and OOC!L? Or OOC!MisaMisa and OCC!Rem? that's perfectly fine}
but you can not be the IC and OOC for the same character. So no being IC!Raito and OOC!Raito.

5. Special powers must be approved
Having a Death Note/Shinigami Eyes or any other power needs to be cleared with a mod first. Just make sure to ask.

5. To apply, comment on the first post.
Not asking for anything real complicated, just say who you are signing up for and do a short sample post.

6.Make your character{s} journal after you are accepted.
Pretty simple, and I probably will accept you unless the chara is already claimed ^^

7. After you have made your character{s} journal, have them join the community.
Join the comm with your character journal, not your own.
All entries for the RP will be made to the comm

8. No fighting and no god moding!
It's okay if your character fight, but please no fighting between the members.
Also, no god moding aka no taking control of over people's chara.
Ask permission before you do something that will effect the other chara
{ie. you can't just post "Raito kills everyone" unless everyone gives you permission too}

9. Post at lest once every two weeks to you chara's journal.
You need to post at lest once every two weeks to your chara's journal, even if you've been commenting on other chara's journal.
Failure to do this will result in a warning that you need to post within the week or you will lose the character.
It's okay if you go on vacation or for some other reason can't post once a month for a period of time, just give me a heads up first.

10. Yaoi, Yuri, and Het is okay. Just make sure to FLock anything kids shouldn't be looking at, okay?

12. Have fun!
This is meant to be for fun, so just try to have a good time ^^ And Justin is the answer ^-~

Mod is renabunny42, e-mail questions/comments to RenTheRPer @ hotmail . com